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We are researchers and scholars in Canada who study the co-production of technoscience and social order.


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As an "idiom," co-production gives researchers and their fellow citizens a way of talking about the mutual dependency of technoscience and society, confronting the entanglement of the natural (epistemic) and the social (political). This conversation is the basis of our network.


Current Members


Anna Agathangelou

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Co-production and biotechnology; bioconstitutionalism and sovereignty; postcolonial and feminist ethics and science; bioconstitutionalism and ethnic conflict.
Affiliations: York University


Remy bargout

Objects | Subjects | Sites: food, capital, agriculture, power, agrarian + environmental change, international development, reciprocal pedagogy, freedom, creativity
Affiliations: University of Ottawa, Queen's University, University of Guelph, Global Affairs Canada, International Development Research Centre
Website: | Email:


Kelly Bronson

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Big data; driverless tractors; agricultural and innovation policy/farmers; engineers; groups historically marginalized from technical policy making; publics/governance arenas; courts; innovation policy documents; corporate promotional material.
Affiliations: U Ottawa; Institute for Science, Society and Policy; 4S; Canadian Association for Food Studies; International Sociological Association


Candis callison

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Climate change, journalism, Arctic, Indigenous issues, media tech
Affiliations: University of British Columbia


Brandiff caron

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Democracy theory, science and technology policy
Affiliations: Concordia University
Website: | Email:


Debra Davidson

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Fossil fuel development and climate change; impacts and responses.
Affiliations: U of Alberta

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Rosanna Dent

Objects | Subjects | Sites: History of the Human Sciences, 20th C., Brazil
Affiliations: McGill University


Angela M. Filipe

Objects | Subjects | Sites:  Sociology of health and medicine; STS; Knowledge co-production; Critical Global Health; Childhood & neurodisability.
Affiliations: McGill University


yousif hassan

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Artificial Intelligence; Blockchain; Digital Platform Economy; political economy of technoscience; critical innovation studies, communication studies, postcolonial/decolonial and indigenous science and technology; feminist/intersectional technoscience; technological convergence; technology, democracy and social justice
Affiliations: York University


David Jaclin

Objects | Subjects | Sites:  Environmental Anthropology, Media & Animal Studies, Multispecies ethnographies, Wildlife Trafficking
Affiliations: University of Ottawa
Website: | Email:


Kevin jones

Objects | Subjects | Sites:  Public knowledge | Democracy and Transformation | Governance Institutions and Cities
Affiliations: University of Alberta
Website:  | Email:


Eric Kennedy

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Natural hazards and emergency management; expertise; institutional knowledge management; environmental & science policy
Affiliations: York University; Science Outside the Lab North

Alain Létourneau

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Involvement of people at the local level with issues of climate change.
Affiliations: Université de Sherbrooke
Website: | Email:

Aryn Martin

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Biomedicine, language, materialisms, sociology, feminism
Affiliations: York University


rossio motta-ocha

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Psychiatric technologies, Assistive technologies, Care practices, Knowledge production, Mental health, Public health, Addictions, Public policies, Peru, Canada
Affiliations: McGill University


Anna nguyen

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Food; epistemology; kitchen labs; ‘food innovation’
Affiliations: Concordia University


Brian Noble

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Animals; Humans; Relations; Metagenomes; EthoEcologies; Treaty-relationality; Decolonial-Knowing; AlterWorld-Performativity; Articulated-Being.
Affiliations: Dalhousie University, Network of STS Anthropologists in Canada


Ariane Quintal

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Ethics of medical technology use; Patient experiential knowledge in chronic illness management (e.g., type 1 diabetes, rare diseases); Integration of patient perspectives in health technology assessments; Patient-partnership in research and care
Affiliations: Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal, Université de Montréal


Lucy Rodina

Objects | Subjects | Sites:  Environmental governance; science in policy and decision making; resilience; critical social science
Affiliations: Institute for Resources Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia
Website: | Email:


Sarah-louise ruder

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Perspectives of Ontario Grain Farmers on Digital Farming
Affiliations: University of Waterloo - School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability


Matthew Sample

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Brain-computer interfaces; disability rights; neural engineers; (neuro)ethics practice and expertise; governance of technoscience.
Affiliations: Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal; McGill University; 4S; Science and Democracy Network; Canadian Philosophical Association


alexis shotwell

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Impurity; food; disability; co-production; environmental justice; climate change; distributions of suffering; "bad kin" and settler responsibility; hope despite despair, action despite shameworthiness
Affiliations: Carleton University
Website: | Email:


Ian Stewart

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Socio-ecological systems; scientific expertise and public engagement; environmental impact assessment and mitigation; "informed consent".
Affiliations: University of King's College; Dalhousie University;; Nexus Coastal Resource Management Ltd
Website: | Email:

gregor wolbring

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Ability Expectation Ethics, Ability Expectation Governance
Affiliations: University of Calgary
Website: | Email:


Alison Wylie

Objects | Subjects | Sites
Affiliations: University of British Columbia
Website: | Email:


Nathan young

Objects | Subjects | Sites: Environmental conflicts and controversies; environmental policy and management; environmental knowledge and expertise; technological innovation; clean production and consumption; natural resources.
Affiliations: University of Ottawa, School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies